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Work and Life: It Doesn’t Have To Be One Or The Other.

In Jan 2017 we bought an Airstream. Into it we are moving all of our possessions (those that we deem worthwhile to retain). We are about to embark on an incredible journey together. A journey that will allow us to integrate work and play.

So why do it? Why downsize to a (albeit luxury) RV? We’re 32 and 31 respectively, isn’t this for elderly retirees? In our case we weren’t stuck, we weren’t unhappy. We instead view this as a natural progression of our desire to go anywhere, live outside, lead successful careers and enjoy the lives that we’ve built for ourselves.

We are saying goodbye to the day to day drudgery and constraints of a typical office job. We’re abandoning the traditional workday and fire-bombing the entire concept of a work-life-balance. This does not mean we are disappearing to live off grid. Quite the contrary. Instead we are integrating the Life-Play-Work mentality and living our lives by our own rules. We will continue to be successful, productive members of society. We will just do so on our own terms.

Time is the new currency and it is invaluable. Why commute for 4 hours a day to fit someone else’s definition of success? What value is there in being physically present in body but not in mind? How many hours are wasted being forced to sit in a cubicle but mindlessly ticking away on Facebook or fantasy sports just to punch the time card? We are taking back all that unproductive time and using it to enjoy life.

You have to define what happiness means to you. Success will follow. Inside of each of us is a creative soul waiting for the correct outlet and correct time to express itself. Our time is now.

Today’s world is more connected and more dispersed than ever. With the right tools we can work from anywhere. This might mean video conferences at 6 AM, surf at 8AM, mountain biking from 10-2, work from 2-8 and evenings under the stars after dinner. You can have your cake and eat it too. Not only has the reprioritization of our day made us more efficient, we can be productive anywhere and at any time.

Together as a team we are excited about the path these two wannabe nomads are about to embark on. As business owners and productive members of society we’re not abandoning our careers and our responsibilities, rather integrating them in the way that allows us to be selfish with our time and get the most out of life. Be happy, be successful, be relentless. Be free.